Transcripts = DENIED

Prior to leaving, my Global Exchange advisers recommended to hand carry our transcripts home with us. Our final presentations were on Wednesday, July 10. My flight was 10AM on Thursday, July 11th. There was absolutely no way I was able to physically bring my transcript home because grades were not yet finalized. I was assured […]


In Case of Emergency

Insurance was something I didn’t even think out. But ESSCA required the we had health insurance for the duration of our stay. Medical Insurance I went to my medical insurance office to become aware of my benefits, which is little to none when you’re overseas. I purchased the GeoBlue Travel Medical & International Health Insurance. […]


Technical Difficulties

After a long night exploring the city, I decided to stay in on this Saturday to do laundry, possibly get some homework done and start to get ready for dinner this evening. I go down stairs to the washing area and follow the directions but the machine won’t take my money. Not too long after, […]