Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

Going into this trip with an already overweight bag, I was limited to the amount of things I could being back home with me. So, I wanted to focus on spending my money on experiences rather than materialistic items. This was quite difficult at first being that we spent a lot of time in the luxury district and there was their annual sales this time of year. It became a fun activity window shopping and just soaking in all the amazing things they had to offer. But, it wasn’t too hard to walk away empty handed with all the items were way out of our price range.

When I wasn’t in class, what did I do?

On the first day, we went to Par de Saint Cloud, had a picnic and got to get to know everyone a little better. In the weeks following, I went on a boat tour of Paris, Fete de la musique (Music Festival), Louvre Museum, Amusement Park at Tuileries Park, Disneyland Paris, Disney Studios, A$AP Rocky Concert, Versailles Castles, went on another boat tour but for dinner, Van Gogh Exhibition, Arc de Triomphe, took a 4 hour bus to Normady to visit Mount St. Michele, and spent many hours at the Eiffel Tower like four times.

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