Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Upon applying, we choose the housing we wanted, either:

Standard Option – Séjours & Affaires Courbevoie Grande Arche

  • Shared room in two-star apartment hotel
  • No Air Conditioner
  • €1550.00 euros (partner institutions)
  • €2850.00 euros (non-partner institutions)

Upgraded Option – Residhome Courbevoie la Défense

  • Shared room in a four star apartment hotel
  • With air conditioner
  • €2000.00 euros (partner institutions)
  • €3300.00 euros (non-partner institutions)

As we stayed for almost a month, all our accommodations have washing facilities.

Being that I was going to be there in the middle of summer, I opted for the upgraded option with air conditioning (and let me tell you, WORTH IT. It broke 100-degrees).

The first day, I met my roommate, Michelle, and we got situated in our room. We had two twin sized beds that were pushed together to make one big bed, we learned that other students had the same two-beds pushed together, but theirs were made separately. We had a small fridge, that stopped working after a week of being there. This caused us to cook ONE time, from then on, we ate out or purchases non-refrigerated / microwaveable food.

Our room was scheduled to be cleaned twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, well the first week, and last week we didn’t get our room cleaned. Upon checkout, we were supposed to dispose of our trash on our own, but there was no trash chute to take it to.

Have no fear, Starbucks, saves the day. I was able to get change a do my laundry.

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