Re-Entry Party

During the first week of school, we had our two-hour re-entry party for all student who are returning to UH Hilo for the first time since being abroad.

Counseling – Strategies for Effective Reentry Adjustment

A counselor welcomed us back, and talked to us about how adjusting back to normal life may be difficult, especially those who were gone for a year. He encouraged us to reach out for help if we feel we are struggling. He also suggesting having a support group for Global Vulcans who are transitioning back home. We played a few ice breakers.

We played a game where someone stands in the center of the circle and say “Move seats if you…” It was cool to see that a lot of had similar experience though we were in different parts of the world. The second activity we did was arranging ourselves in alphabetical order without talking, then again by age. Using gestures and pointing was common for a lot of students who went to country that they didn’t speak the same language.

Career Advising – Experience On Exchange Resume Builder

“Participated in Study Abroad program in Madrid Spain in Spring 2019, which enabled me to independently interact with and learn from a diverse new culture.” 

Marketing Your Study Aboard Effectively

Transfer Credit Evaluation

For those student who took courses that we not on their Study Abroad Course Approval from, they would need to do a Transfer Credit Evaluation to get the credits from those courses. I only took the courses on my SACA form, so I am good to go.

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