Coming Home

Getting there was a struggle, so if there was one thing I knew, was that I was not taking a train/bus back to the airport. If I had to pay €90 for an uber, I was ready to do that. My flight was at 10:20AM because it was an international flight, I had to be there at least 3 hours prior. I asked my fellow classmates what time they would be heading to the airport to see if we could ride together to lower the costs. Luckily, some other American girls had a 9:20AM flight on Delta, so it worked out perfectly, because we were flying out of the same terminal. We booked a van for 5 of us leaving the hotel at 4:55AM. I stayed at a different hotel than them so I wanted to make sure that I was there at 4:45AM.

My last night I wanted to make the most of my final hours. A group of us went to dinner then to the Eiffel tower. We hung out on the lawn of the Eiffel Tower until the lights turned off at 1:00AM then we had to run to catch the last bus back to the hotel, which was about 45 minutes to an hour away. I got back to my hotel at 2:00AM, and needed to pack. I made that decision to stay up all night because I had a 10 hour flight, and I knew that it would be easier for me to stay up a few more hours than trying to get up at 4:30AM.

At 4:30AM, I made my way to the other hotel, which was a few minute walk away. I got there with luggage with a wheel that was barely hanging on. There was as guy in the lobby that began to talk to me and ask so many questions, and was very creepy. I immediately called my mom, and I couldn’t be like “Hey Mom, there is a creepy guy talking to me” because obviously he would hear me, so I just said “Hello, huh?” She was so confused, then I hung up lol. I texted her that one of the girls were here. We loaded up the van and waited for the other 3 girls. Another one came down, but the last two did not come, they did not call, they did not text. So, we left. A few minutes into the car ride, they start texting and are pissed. Ashli, the girl who booked the taxi, said “I am not your guardian. It’s not my responsibility to make sure you’re awake.” I’m just so glad that I was on time, and made it to the airport. Our taxi got us there in about 25 mins, when the expected arrival would be a little over an hour. As I got out of the taxi, one of my wheel broke completely. Got on the plane, and made my way home. I landed in Seattle, I picked up my bag and had to go through to customs. As I pulled my bag off the conveyer-belt, second wheel gone. Luckily, I got my bag through and was going home so it didn’t matter. After a 3 hour layover, 6 hour flight, I was home.

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