Transcripts = DENIED

Prior to leaving, my Global Exchange advisers recommended to hand carry our transcripts home with us. Our final presentations were on Wednesday, July 10. My flight was 10AM on Thursday, July 11th. There was absolutely no way I was able to physically bring my transcript home because grades were not yet finalized. I was assured that they would be sent over to my home university.

On June 25, ESSCA sent our transcripts over. The following day, I reached out to my Global Exchange coordinator. 3 days later, she said they received it! They were sending to admissions for processing. YAY. However, on August 1st, I receive an email saying that our transcripts were taken to the Admissions and Registrar’s office on July 18th, but because it was an email, they did not accept it. They have requested for the official transcripts be sent via mail. ESSCA is on summer break until the end of August so, we wait.

Fall 2019 starts on August 26th, and I was really hoping to get everything settled before the semester starts because I’ll be graduating soon. Fingers crossed, it’ll all go smooth.

Fortunately, my Global Exchange coordinator is working to get them to campus as soon as possible.

UPDATE: On September 12, my hard copy transcripts were received and processed. Woo-hoo!! Graduation, here I come!

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