Young & Hungry

We often hear of kids going off to college and eating instant noodles because #brokeCollegeKid. Since I stayed home for college, I didn’t experience that… until now.

My program did not include meals, so all the food costs will come out of my pocket.

People I’ve talked to before coming on the trip told me Paris has some good food. But like where? I don’t know any French food that is amazing. I’ve not been eating good since being here.

First night, we went to Fratellini, I had pasta. Very bland. With so many visits, we are often on the go so many days we pick up a sandwich from the supermarket and call that lunch. I’ve been to a Vietnamese place and Chinese place a few times, pretty good. Aside from my dinner cruise, those places are probably the best meals I’ve had. I’ve had two home cooked meals, burgers and spaghetti. Then, our fridge stopped working, so it’s hard to eat in. I bought a bunch of microwaved dinners, they all suck.

I’ve gone to McDonald’s and Five Guys. But it’s way expensive compared to back home. A McChicken is less than $2, here a plain ‘ole McChicken is almost €4. Honestly, I tried going to McDonalds a few times but every time my card gets declined there as well as everyone I’m with.

My friends & I went to a place called Le Brevant, beautiful place, kinda expensive. BUT THE SERVICE WAS SO TERRIBLE. They literally ignored for an hour when we wanted our check. I shouldn’t say ignore. Sometimes they’ll make eye contact then look away, other times they will acknowledge us say okay then never return. The food was also the worst. People here are so rude. They have a “it’s your problem” type of mentality.

When I get home, I can’t wait to eat some goooood food. Also, to be fair they pastries are delicious. Croissants, macrons, eclairs. YUM

Tonight, I opted for some UberEats, yummy crepes.


I am home now, but my roommate and I were determined to eat good food. I made good use of Uber Eats. My roommate & I then ate at so many AMAZING restaurants towards the ending of our trip. We ate pasta at Vapiano’s, Burgers from HBK. I’m a picky eater and basically eat like a 5 year old child but I stepped out of my comfort zone. I ate duck breast and foie gras ravioli at Comptoir de la Gastronomie. We enjoyed delicious French onion soup and Veal at Le Suffren.

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