Taking Off

Taking Off

Today’s the day for departure. Packing my suitcase and carry on to the gills because of the uncertainty of what I’ll need my month away.

I purchased a luggage scale and weighed my luggage’s periodically and it was less than 50 pounds. This morning, I continued to add some last minutes things and didn’t weigh it again.

I arrived to the airport, checking in and the lady tells me “81 pounds.” I’m not willing to leave anything behind so I ask “how much for the overweight fee?” She says she needs to call her supervisor.

The supervisor comes and was very nice but says 70lbs is the maximum weight for overweight bags with $100 fee. I needed to reduce 11 pounds. How in the world? On the ground at the ticket counter, I unloaded numerous pairs of pants, shoes and snacks. 70 pounds on the dot. So, I checked my luggage through and carried my clothes to the curb, where I gave ONE pair of pants to my mom. Then stuffed my 2 carry-ons with my clothes and took a reusable bag and put my snacks in it.

So, there I went with 3 carry-on through security. Got to the other side successfully. My plane is full so they offer to gate check as many carry-ons as possible. So, luckily I got to check in one of my three carry-ons. Boarding is at 7:33PM, I’m ready to go. At approximately 7:30PM, I hear an announcement, that one crew member is not present and will not be boarding until that crew member arrives. This lady was at the spa, like are you kidding? LOL. It is current 7:59PM, my flight should be taking off at 8:13PM, but doesn’t look like we’re boarding for another 30+ mins.

…and the adventure begins.

2 thoughts on “Taking Off

  1. 11 pounds shed at the check-in counter!?!? That’s a feat. I can only imagine how stressful that was. I hope you got to sleep at some point along the journey and you enjoyed some of the snacks. Can’t wait to read more.


    1. It was something. All 70 pounds of my thing are successfully here in Paris with me LOL. I was stunned when she told me how much it weighed. I may have to take Mona’s advice and leave some things behind when it’s time to come home.


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