Got Money?

When you think study abroad, you often think there’s no way I can afford that. But anything is possible. Fortunately, for this program, ESSCA: School of Management’s Angers Program, they partnered with UH Hilo, and had a grant for students who studied there. When getting accepted into UH Hilo’s Transatlantic Mobility France Program, I was awarded $2,000.

However, as I browsed ESSCA’s website I saw they offered other programs, and offered different classes. (Read more about that here) I made the decision to participate in the Paris Program, instead of the Angers Program that my classmates are attending. Because of this I had to defer the $2,000 scholarship.

The costs that I am responsible for include:

So, how do I pay for this? Well, for me, everything kind of just fell into place, and I am so beyond grateful for how things came together. Before I even knew I was accepted into this program, I was called in for an interview for a student assistant position through my university. I used a brand new checking account for my second job, and every cent I’ve ever made at that job for the last 6 months was saved for this trip. Having a separate checking account for it really helped reduce the urge to spend that money.

But I didn’t stop there. My biggest tip is to APPLY for SCHOLARSHIPS. There are thousands of scholarships out there. Yes, the application processes can be tedious but it all will be worth it in the end. Check out some of these study abroad scholarships:

I have been blessed with being a recipient of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. Which is the reason for this blog. As a Gilman Scholar, we are responsible for a service project to share our study abroad experience and in hopes to encourage other students to study abroad too.

Also, always check to see if your school has their own scholarships, and always apply for financial aid. I never thought I’d actually be able to pull this all together. It took a lot of work, but it is totally worth it.

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  1. Tony T

    And the adventure begins! Excitement, anxiety, & wonder! Love following you on your adventure, it’s like I’m there with you. All the new things that you will experience and explore…ah to be young again…full of hope and dreams! Enjoy your time abroad Tita!
    Know that if you need anything shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to make it happen!
    Be brave…be spontaneous, be humble and most of all – always be safe!
    A Hui Hou Tita!!!

    1. titamalia

      I’m glad you’re enjoying hearing about my experience thus far. Yes, definitely so excited yet anxious. It was a long journey, over 24+ hours, and some obstacles. But I made it, all settled into my room and look forward to what this opportunity has in store teach me. Thank you! (:

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